Empathic communication

The heart of what we do


At our Preschools you can safely rest assure that you are leaving your child to educators who are engaged, knowledgeable and who see what your child needs. We value your child's curiosity, guide it to lead to respect and responsibility for himself and for others. We help your child strengthen his identity and consequently their self-esteem. The children's need is our main concern when creating a conducive environment for learning and when coming up with activities that inspire creativity. We have a clear educational purpose, all within the framework of the curriculum.

Joy gives us all the harmony and desire to learn new things. We treat each other with empathy and respect. We cooperate in dialogue, speak honestly, listen carefully and we make decisions together. We are inspired by Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Our core values, joy, curiosity and security, are the most important tools when we are welcoming your child. The foundation of our values is also the starting point of our vision, to strengthen children's self-esteem.


Course in Empathic Communication

Start date: January 2023

We are finally ready to start our courses in empathic communication. This course teaches you the basics of empathic communication. We share experiences, exercises and plans so that you can then feel confident in sharing your learnings with your preschool. Read more under study visits and courses.

Visit our pre-schools in Sweden and be a part of our empathic communication team

May 29, 2023 (11:00 am) - June 1, 2023 (11:00 am)

Would you like to know more about empathy education for pre-school settings? Join us on an educational visit to the highly regarded Ängbybarnens pre-school. Read more under study visits and courses.

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