Empathic communication

The heart of what we do

Our pre-schools

The Ängby children´s preschools consist of five preschools, Birkamyntet, Blomstermåla, Möjbro, Gökboet and Ängbygården all located in different locations in Norra Ängby, Bromma. Our preschools work is based on a common vision and values. We take children's needs seriously as we develop and plan our activities and create a conducive learning environment. We strive to encourage and support children to become independent and at the same time show consideration for other people. With an empathetic approach, inspired

by Nonviolent Communication (NVC), weincrease the possibility of meeting each other with respect, understanding different needs and interacting in a way that leads to a shared development. Our vision is to strengthen the children's self-esteem. The environments in our preschools, both inside and outside, supports the children in developing their own learning. We have different areas of activities that we call "stations". For example, building and construction, studio and library. For more information about our daily schedule, see "A typical day at our preschool”.

A typical day at our preschools

  • The preschools open and welcome the children outside. Breakfast is served to the children who arrive before 7.30 and to children whose parents have given advance notice that they want breakfast.
  • 09.00-15.00 – Educational activities (fruit is served around 9:30).
  • 10.45-12.15 – Lunch buffet
  • 12.00 – Rest/Naptime
  • 14.00-15.00 – Snack (fruit is served after 16.15)
  • The preschool closes

    The times may vary slightly

According to the Stockholm City Guidelines, a preschool must offer opening hours (Monday – Friday) in relation to parents' needs within the 06.30–18.30 timeframe, except on Christmas Eve, Midsummer Eve and New Year's Eve. More information on opening hours can be found in the city's guidelines for independent preschools, https://forskola.stockholm/att-ga-pa-forskola/oppettider-och-schema/

If parents, need support outside the usual opening hours, please contact our coordinator Eva Schoultz, email eva@angbybarnen.se

All preschools have their own dining room, where a buffet lunch is served. With the support of an adult, the children practice taking food themselves from the age of 1. 
The children practice their abilities in the dining room by:

  • Choose and place food from the buffet on their plate
  • Figure out for themselves if they are full or if they need more food.
  • Rinse and scrape their plate after eating.
  • Together with an adult take turns as a host by inviting their peers, keeping the dining room tidy and supporting those who need help.

We strive to serve food free of synthetic additives such as flavour-enhacers and dyes. We bake all soft bread that is served. According to what the suppliers can offer, we order organic ingredients and seasonal food. We plan our weekly menus in a way and that arouses curiosity in eating.