Empathic communication

The heart of what we do

Apply for our preschools

The City of Stockholm has a joint application system for both municipal and independent preschools and educational care. You apply for these activities in the e-service My childcare (You will need e-identification).

You can specify a maximum of five preschools in your application and rank them by order of preference.You have the same opportunity to enter your chosen preschools regardless of ranking.

Each preschool has its own queue system and is independent of each other. When you turn down an offered place, you will be removed from the current preschool queue as well as to your other lower ranked choices.

Example: If you are offered a place in your 3rd choice which you turned down, you remain in the queue for choices 1 and 2. The same conditions apply if you accept the offered place.

You are responsible for keeping your choices of Preschools up to date. If you do not want a place at this moment, you can ensure your spot on the queue by changing the desired start date to a later one. Before the autumn term, we start the intake in January and before the spring term we start the intake in August. Occasional vacancies may arise during the semester.

If you are unable to submit your application digitally, please contact the city's contact center on +46 (0)8 508 00 508.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions about Ängbybarnen's queue system, place access or our preschools, you are welcome to contact Eva Schoultz at eva@angbybarnen.se .

The city's contact center can answer questions about the application system at

telephone: +46 (0)8 508 00 508, and by email: kcskola@stockholm.se.

If you find it difficult to find our preschools on the Stockholm City website, you can search for Empathic Communication, then all five preschools will come up.

If you want to visit our preschools, we have scheduled visits for guardians 2-3 times per semester. An educator from the preschool shows you around and brief you on our different activities. You will find scheduled dates in
 our calendar.

Rules for the queue

Vacancies are distributed to the children waiting for a place at our preschools in the following order:

  • Children with siblings in the same household who are already placed at any of our preschools.
  • Children with the longest queue time for preschool. If several children have the same queue time, the child's date of birth is the basis for placement, in other words, older children are prioritized over younger ones.