Empathic communication

The heart of what we do

Study visit with the main theme - empathy

For 15 years, we have implemented empathetic communication in our preschools in various ways. The empathic approach is inspired by Nonviolent Communication (NVC) a communication model developed by American psychologist Dr Marshall B. Rosenberg. With NVC we increase the possibility of meeting each other with respect, understanding different needs and desires, and interacting in a way that leads to shared development. During a visit at our Preschools, we share how we maintain, practice and develop our empathic approach to both adults and children in different ways.

We talk about various projects we participate in and learn from, how we organize and plan our trainings and how the empathic communication works in our everyday lives. We also offer workshops for adults, where you get the opportunity to try different exercises, materials that are adapted for both adults and children. All training aims to help and increase awareness of your empathic ability to listen, both to yourself and to your surroundings.

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